Bun Beating Fun

Here you will see wicked women lured into sleazy motel rooms with promises of riches and fame wherein there sweet bouncing bottoms will be laid bared and soundly spanked! These are bad, bad girls, the sort who are not only quick to say the "F" word, but do it! You may rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, that tardy though these spankings may have been in coming, each was administered with the pitiless ferocity appropriate for truly shameless miscreants such as these. We invite you now to peruse these samples of our work knowing that you will appreciate the passion with which it was executed.

Bun Beating Fun - Tara
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spankingm/fotkhairbrush spanking

Not long after prancing through our doorway, Tara's behavior was such that she found herself unhappily sprawled, bottoms up, across our man's lap.  Upontaking a firm grip of the young lady's waist, he thenraised his right hand whereupon he focused his gazeupon the anatomical center of his immediateinterest.And oh indeed what a fine, fine sight it was !

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Vanessa Vixon
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Vanessa Vixon spells her name with an "o" but a true vixen she be. Vixen as in both a sexually attractive woman and a angry unpleasant one. Indeed, Vanessa fits the bill fully on both counts. And best of all, her bouncing bare bottom proved to be quite sensitive to the touch. Heh-Heh.

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Crystal Clark
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She calls herself Sexy Crystal Clark and sexy she most assuredly is. But naughty too she was. She was late, she spoke ill of our facilities and she even insulted the photographer's dog ! But that's okay, problems are opportunities. And this was one sweet, sweet opportunity.

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Vicky Vixxx
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Models say the darndest things. No sooner did the Vicky here find herself pinned across our man's lap, then she started going on and on about how she was a grown woman, that this was "silly", that it hurt like the dickens and so on. Cute as a button she was and oh so precocious !

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Bun Beating Fun - Jamie Lynn
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spankingotkseverecryingfully nudeamateur

Don't let Jamie's looks fool you. Effectively spanking this wildcat's sweet bouncing bare bottom proved to be damn near as challenging as wrestling with a mountain lion! Be that as it may, our man did a yeoman like job of carrying out this most necessary chore nonetheless.And when it became apparent just how sensitive to the touch her bottom really is, he really, really laid it on !

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Jenni Cakes
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amateurotkm/fspankingwooden paddle

No sooner did the first loud spank land then the wench screamed out that she had never been spanked before! Clearly this spanking would be no quick affair, for chores long neglected require exponentially more in the way of physical exertion and time to properly complete. And yet ... somehow this prospect seemed not to trouble our man in the least.

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Dee Dee
Bun Beating Fun Alexandria
Brandi Timmons
Sara Liz
Jacky Joy
Brianna Beauty
Nikki Brooks
Tossed her maiden virtue aside for celebrity and monetary gain
Impatient surly and adverse to following directions
Bun Beating Fun Hollie Stevens
BBun Beating Fun Smurfasaur
Anna Sundquist
Alina Ambrose
Bun Beating Fun Holly
Bun Beating Fun Julian Wells
Hello Mya
Charity Maiden
Insatiable Deziire
Laci Star
Disagreeable brat with a highly exaggerated sense of self importance
Taylor Nix
Charlette Webb
April Flowers
Kelly Divine
Ganelle Angel
Emily Camille - Financially inept
Madyson Knight
Conducts herself with all the sublimity and discretion of an alley cat in heat
Ashley Graham
Tempting Eve
Poor manners and a decidedly arrogant disposition
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